No pictures, but the sweater is coming along (I have a progress shot, but I need to upload it so I can share.) I am a few rows away from placing the sleeves on holders, but I need to check my sketch/pattern just to be sure.

at the lakeJason is leaving for LA in an hour for his taping for the game show. So it’s just me and Lira tonight, so I should get a lot of knitting completed. This post needs a picture so I’ll get some Lira love up in here! Oh, what a cutie!

On Monday I did a photo shoot with Josi Hannon Madera of Art of Crochet for Laura Killoran of Croshay Design. Josi has been super nice about teaching me about Chicago, so modeling for the shoot was the least I could do to repay her. The pictures came out better than I could have expected. She has a great eye!

Plus, I really love Laura’s hats and her patterns. Anytime I need a quick gift I whip up another Boy Beanie. I probably made 7 last winter, and that was in Houston where it doesn’t even get that cold. But the kids just seem to love ’em. I’ve made another hat from one of her other patterns, but I can’t share that until after the holidays. It too was quick and easy to follow. And I’m thinking about purchasing another pattern for my brother’s Christmas present.

Yikes, CHRISTMAS! Why am I doing NaKniSweMo, again? Shouldn’t I be making Christmas presents?!?