I’ve been in denial about just how much yarn I have.

I wasn’t counting acrylic, because who counts that stuff?!?

I wasn’t counting yarn that was half-knit or -crocheted into something already. Even if I knew it was in progress because I have no intention of ever finishing said project.

I wasn’t counting the five partial skeins left over from the crocheted Dr. Who scarf. Or the 2 partials left over from the Weekender Sweater. Or the partial skein from my Diamond Cardigan (that I knit and completed during the allotted NaKniSweMo time, but still haven’t photographed… sheesh)

And, after all, it did fit into one box. Sorta…
Stash Awareness
Ok, not really. This box came from Houston and was never unpacked. Most of the yarn was packed in plastic bags, air sucked out, and smashed into a small box. It only weighed 12 lbs. That can’t be so bad, right?

So a few weeks ago I started listening to the Stash and Burn podcast, and it made me feel guilty. Not in a bad way, just in a “you need to be honest with yourself” kinda way.

So I bought some plastic containers…
Stash Awareness
…and you know what? Two of those containers are staying shut because of the weight of the ones on top. Seriously.

I’m trying to use as much of it as I can for Christmas crocheting and knitting. So far so good. Then I’m going to make some 8×8 squares for the Chicago Knitting Meet-up charity blankets.

My goal is to have one empty container to use as my current work in progress bin that I can tote around the house. I’m not sure what my reward will be just yet, but I’ll keep you posted.